What distinguishes 三一高中 from other schools in the area?

Trinity educates the whole person—in mind, body, and spirit. Our focus is not on standardized tests or quickly moving students through to graduation. Instead our teachers and administration know each student by name. Trinity students create meaningful relationships with faculty and with one another through retreats, 房屋系统, 和JDB电子. Trinity students rely on their morals and faith to navigate difficult choices that all teenagers face. They hone their leadership skills through opportunities in the classroom and on the field. 三一意味着社区. 这意味着信仰. 这意味着家庭.

How does Trinity develop students spiritually?

通过每天的神学课程, 年度撤退, and regular opportunities to perform community service, 三一学院的学生是在信仰中形成的. Spiritual life is ingrained in daily life at Trinity—we remember our classmates in prayer before class, we fundraise to support community efforts financially, and we use our hands to serve the needy inside of school and out. 几乎到了那个学生身上, the Kairos retreat is named by seniors as a life-changing, faith-deepening, highlight-of-high-school经验.

All students regardless of religious background have these experiences, and non-Catholic students gain as much from learning, 参与, 和天主教学生一样. 比如正直, 自我反省, and love of neighbor undergird so many faiths, and the inclusion of various perspectives and faith traditions allows for deeper understanding and personal growth of every Trinity student, 不管信仰背景如何.

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The cost of tuition should not be a barrier to any student wishing to enroll at Trinity. Our primary goal is to enroll students who want to learn, be challenged, and excel. 三一学院的文化是卓越的, where it is not just teachers who push students to be their best selves, 还有他们的同龄人. Trinity’s value lies not just in its offerings on paper, but in the culture which demands that students strive for the “highest good.”

From a financial perspective, a Trinity education is an investment in the student’s future. While four years of full-price Catholic tuition at Trinity is $32,000, the average merit-based minimum scholarship offering from our partner colleges is more than $63,000. More than 75% of Trinity students easily achieve the GPAs and standardized test scores required by our college partnerships.

How prepared are Trinity students for college?

Our college counseling department helps students find schools that best fit their needs, and our college partnership program shows that more than a dozen universities are so confident in the quality of a Trinity education that they offer guaranteed admission to our students who meet GPA and standardized test requirements sight-unseen. We have even had colleges revise the terms of our agreement to offer more merit-based aid, 较低的平均绩点要求, and admittance into entry-level programs including Nursing and Doctor of Physical Therapy, 在经历了三一校友之后.

在一般情况下, colleges inform us that our students are recognized by their work ethic and their writing proficiency, and alumni describe their freshman year as “easier than they expected.” Though more than 22% are drawn to continue their Catholic education at a faith-based university, our graduates have attended top-notch universities across the country.


How can students get involved at 三一高中?

Trinity students have more access to opportunities in leadership, JDB电子运动, 艺术, 比其他任何地方的学校都要多. Because of our size (not as large as the public schools, nor as small as other private schools in the area) we can offer a variety of activities that are not inundated with participants. A Trinity student has the unparalleled ability to take AP courses, 领导一个导师小组, 会很多种运动, 还能在学校的音乐剧中占有一席之地. Students have the chance to try out for athletic teams with little experience and wind up contributing to the team’s District championship.


The House system is an initiative to spur greater student involvement and ownership in daily life at Trinity, as well as provide more opportunities for student-to-student and teacher-to-student mentoring. Trinity students are divided into four Houses—De La Salle, Immaculata, 洛约拉, Seton—and meet with the same “mentor group” daily. Mentor groups include students of all grades and serves as a sort of “home base” for students. 他们进行讨论, 作为团队参加各种比赛, 参加弥撒, 并为彼此的成功喝彩. Students have unprecedented opportunities for leadership in 房屋系统, and take on additional responsibilities to mold their high school experience into what they want it to be. 众议院的制度给学生们的生活注入了活力, spurred greater involvement for all students, and created opportunities unavailable at any other school in Central Pennsylvania.


The following school districts provide transportation to 三一高中: Central Dauphin, 坎伯兰山谷, 东Pennsboro, 哈里斯堡, Mechanicsburg, 北部的纽约, 南米德尔顿, Steelton-Highspire, 萨斯奎哈纳镇, Susquenita, 和西部海岸. Trinity offers a private chartered bus to Carlisle. All other school districts do not provide transportation or do so on a case by case basis. You may contact your local school district or Trinity’s Transportation and Attendance Administrator for your district’s participation details.



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